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Week 195

Last week we were busy evaluating KAIGARA post-pilot information and sketching out a course to develop the final game. We received tons of player input, client input and we came up with a bunch of ideas of our own to improve the game. We’re right now busy agreeing on a coherent plan from that set […]

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Week 194

Last week was mostly us quietly working away on our current projects, with some extracuricular activities in between. Here’s what happened: Victory Boogie Woogie (SAKE) We shipped some new features to Victory Boogie Woogie, most notably a swanky preview mode for players and writers and limited markup capabilities for the latter. Not exactly rocket science […]

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Week 192

Last week was the last week we had to finish the Ripple Effect pilot. As I write this, the game’s been running for little over a day and has just under two weeks left before ending. So we managed to get it out the door. The process consisted of an accelerated playthrough with the team […]

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Week 191

Last week was the penultimate production week for KAIGARA during which I was present at the Utrecht studio for three days for the very essential facetime that cannot be replaced by Apple’s FaceTime even though it does come close. Tuesday was a full day of work with the entire team at the Hubbub studio helmed […]

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Week 190

Having launched Victory Boogie Woogie just before the weekend it’s only natural we had to do a few quick fixes on Monday, the first proper day of the game. I sat down with Niels to review his narrative design for KAIGARA. He’s doing a great job of adding “just enough” theme to what is otherwise […]

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Week 189

Last week we were busy launching (your daily) Victory Boogie Woogie. Frenetic writing has already commenced over there. You can join in it, if you write Dutch or you can start reading the first week’s results. In honor of Victory Boogie Woogie’s launch @jamesbridle wrote a lovely piece about literature and play: (in Dutch)— […]

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Week 188

Belated weeknotes! I blame the long Easter weekend, and the switch to daylight saving time. Let’s keep it short shall we? Alper spent most of the week hacking away at KAIGARA, which is shaping up nicely. He also put some finishing touches on SAKE, which is going to kick off next week! Sign up for […]

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Week 187

On Monday Kars presented the final HIRAME concept at the client. Aside from some minor tweaks needed on the branding front it was received well. We’re hoping this will turn into a full-on production project like KAIGARA next —at which point we’ll probably be able to reveal its client— but for now we’ll have to […]

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Week 186

As is the natural rhythm of things, we’ve been wrapping up a number of projects last week, while others are picking up steam. On the wrapping-up front, I worked with Herman on preparing the slide deck for HIRAME’s final delivery. We put in some suggestions for a visual style, a proper game title, a premise—that […]

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Week 185

We’re hosting a run of Code 4 these weeks which is proving to be stimulating. All in all we’re rather happy how well the project is holding up. For a two year old codebase, it doesn’t show much visible signs of aging at all. For KAIGARA we got the team filled out according to our […]

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