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Play with our paper toy at Game in the City

Hubbub cards

If you’re attending Game in the City this thursday and friday, keep an eye out for a little toy we’ll be handing out to all attendants. The event organization commissioned us to design something for a light-weight playful experience.1 We came up with a set of small collectible paper cards with a twist. Hopefully it’ll persuade you into a bit of play, without getting in the way of all the other important stuff you’ll need to do (like, you know, talk to people and soak up all the good sessions on offer.) So it’s part game design experiment (agents of Hubbub will be present to observe), part calling-card (there’s a bit you can keep in case you’d like to get in touch with us) and we’re excited about releasing it into the wild.2

How it works

You might feel inclined to take photos of this little paper toy. If you do, post it to Flickr and use the conference tag “gitc2009”. (And while you’re at it, be sure to use ours too. That’s “whatsthehubbub”.)

We hope to see you in Amersfoort and would be delighted to hear your thoughts on the toy!

  1. Thank you to Roger ter Heide for giving us the opportunity. []
  2. Stay tuned for a future post that will look at the process behind this project. []
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