Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Join us for playful meanderings through Leidsche Rijn this saturday

I’ve always found neighborhoods under construction curious places. There is a strange tension between the place as planned and the place as executed and subsequently lived in. Leidsche Rijn is a new neighborhood being built in Utrecht (which is my hometown and also where Hubbub’s studio is located). When it is finished in 2025 it should house 80.000 people; quite a large number for a small country such as the Netherlands.

In this shiny new urban landscape we will be running several low tech urban games coming Saturday (5 June) as part of the NU Grounds games festival which is being organized by Cultuur 19. We’ve made a selection of games designed by local students from the HKU and some golden oldies from Ludocity (many thanks to the creators of those games for open sourcing them). Some will involve stalking, others swashbuckling and still others aimless wandering. Several will involve balls of some kind. But in any case, all should be good fun. Our base of operations is the Paper Dome (an architectural curiosity itself) and the games will be playable from 13:00 to 17:00. (We’ll run two tours, one starting at 13:30 and a second one at 15:30.) Do come along.

More details on the full event (in Dutch) are available at the Cultuur 19 website.

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