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An interview with Kars in a book on Utrecht creatives

A few weeks ago Xpert CMKB presented a book on creative entrepeneurs in the city of Utrecht at Kunstgras 2010. I’m quite flattered to have an interview with myself included. Below are photos of the pages in question with links to high resolution shots on Flickr.1 Read about why I started Hubbub and what it is I hope we’ll achieve.2 I also talk about a side project of mine that you may or may not have heard of, called This happened – Utrecht. Many thanks to Karel Millenaar (FourceLabs) whose kind words lead to this.

Cover of We Love Creatief Utrecht

Interview spread 1

Interview spread 2

  1. The book was printed in a limited run but you can find the full document at Issuu. []
  2. I’m sorry to say it’s in Dutch, though. []
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