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Games we ran at NU Grounds

On a scorchingly hot Saturday afternoon several agents of Hubbub descended on the Utrecht area of Leidsche Rijn to run a number of physical social games at the NU Grounds festival. We played a mix of games designed by students of the Utrecht School of the Arts and games taken from the excellent Ludocity website. I think it’s safe to say a lot of fun was had by all. I was particularly impressed with how well a local shopping mall (quite the tame affair) lent itself to a game of Stalker. Scroll down for a brief impression. For more photos, have a look at this photo set. Many thanks to Cultuur19 for commissioning this short but sweet engagement.


Human Snake; a Ludocity game for which we brought some custom made pixel fruit (guess the video game those were taken from…)


Stalker; a slightly subversive game designed by HKU students in which, as you can see, no passerby is safe


Snap; another HKU game in which you fight duels using good old snap wraps (remember those?)


Pirate Ball; another Ludocity game, during which one of our bats succumbed to the many duels fought at first base

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