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Join us for a game of Bocce Drift

Rooftop bocce

So we have five sets of bocce balls lying around (or jeu de boules, as we like to call the game in the Netherlands). They’re left over from our little stint at NU Grounds. We were planning to run Bocce Drift there, but did not get around to it. So let’s play it anyway, in Utrecht, on Sunday 22 August, starting at 15:00 hours at the Neude square. Everyone’s invited, including you.1 Sign up for the game at the event’s Facebook page.

What is Bocce Drift? I guess it is best described as a mashup of boules, and the Situationist Dérive. Each round of play picks up where the last one ended, so you’re lead through the city by the course of the balls… Who knows where we’ll end up?

It was designed by David Jimison and Jeff Crouse2 and I think first played at Come Out and Play 2007. You can read the rules on the wonderful Ludocity site – which features many other great games. But don’t worry, we’ll explain how to play at the event.

What else? Ah yes, there’ll be drinks afterwards and you get extra points if you wear a silly hat. Hope to see you there!

  1. This way, at least I did not make a fool of myself by relieving the local toy shop of all their bocce sets for nothing. []
  2. Thanks for sharing the game with us, guys. []
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