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PLAY Pilots is live

PLAY Pilots

We’ve launched a first version of PLAY Pilots; a web site we’ve been working on the past few months. It is the next phase of our engagement with the city of Utrecht on cultural innovation through play, which I alluded to in this post.1

At this point, the site allows you to see what custom-made live games PLAY Pilots will run at selected festivals (the first one being an awesome spring rider race produced by FourceLabs). You can also play an online game which is all about facing off with your friends in subcultural style battles. If you play any of the games you can pick up collector’s items at the festivals.

We’ve been documenting the process behind the website as well as the live games on a dedicated blog so check it out if you’re interested in how this stuff gets done. PLAY Pilots is as much about doing interesting things with play as it is about sharing the things we learn along the way.

Our list of things to improve and add to the site is growing steadily, and we’ll be patching it up as we go so if you have any suggestions, drop us a line.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the team behind the web site, who have worked super hard on it this past period. They are Alper Çuğun (engineering), Bernard Vehmeyer (copy) and Simon Scheiber (design). It’s been a pleasure having them on board as agents of Hubbub. Many thanks to Jeroen van Mastrigt for entrusting us with his brainchild PLAY. And finally, the city and province of Utrecht for providing us with the means to make this happen.

  1. English speaking friends take note, the project is firmly aimed at a Dutch audience so I’m afraid it won’t make much sense to you, alas! []
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