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Introducing two junior agents and the Learning Lab project

At work

Hello! Introduction times: My name is Wieger and I am what I like to call a spelletjesmaker. Which basically translates to game designer in English, so, there, I’m a game designer. Admittedly I’m still in school, sortof, becoming one, currently in our (our you say? yessir, Sylvan and me, more later) third year of Design for Virtual Theatre and Games. Yes, that is really what it’s called. Anyhoe, part of our third year is rocking an internship, and so the Sylman and me are currently interns for Hubbub! Hurrah! Indeed!

Intern #2 is my partner in crime Sylvan. Together we knocked on Hubbub’s door for an internship. Last year at school (classes, all that) we both individually did projects that had very strong similarities. We’re both driven by interventions in public space, applying rulesets to playfully get people out of their comfort zone, opening their eyes.

Before seeing Kars on our first day at the Hubbub studio, we plunged head first into our first project: making reality games for the second installment of the Learning Lab. Learning Lab is an extra curricular program that honor students at the VU and UvA can follow to become more familiar with, I guess, how the world works. Students are thrown into the world to learn through experiencing, rather than burying their heads in books.

The project is led by Thieu Besselink, a multidisciplinary education pioneer. Thieu had some inspiring talks regarding his lab with, among others, Evert Hoogendoorn (the head of our school). He gradually discovered that his lab was very very close to being what one could call a game. He figured if he wanted to actually make it a game, he needed game designers. Along came Hubbub, and that’s where we came in.

We started off with a bang. Week one was the week before the lab’s kickoff, and with that the only week of production time before our first game was to be played at the Natural Networking Festival. Cause that’s the idea, one big alternate reality gamelike game, Urgent Evoke style, nourished (if you will) by smaller games, applied to specific locations, people, happenings etcetera. And thus we made a location-people-happening-specific game for the NNF, but more on that later!

OK, cool, nice, chill, aight, bloggerdiblog, back to work.

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