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Things we’re working on (volume 1)

On deck

So I decided to make a little ‘what’s on deck’ area on the wall behind my desk today. These are all listed in my Things and stuff, but I like having things around me physically as a kind of ambient reminder, also to all the other folks in the studio.

And now I’m thinking, why not do a quick post to share what’s going on with our friends out there. So here’s a list, with some short descriptions of the projects going on. Some have strange codenames, because they’re still kind of secret, others we can freely talk about and are out in the open.

  • PLAY Pilots (formerly known as Ebi) – a series of experimental live games for three cultural festivals1 in the city of Utrecht. These three games are supported with a website that includes an online game. Each live game is produced in collaboration with a local creative crew2. Next week the final game, Bandjesland by Monobanda, will launch at Le Guess Who?
  • Buta – an investigation into play between humans and domestic pig in collaboration with the Design for Playful Impact (DPI) research program at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). I’ve talked a bit about the background for this project in this recent lecture.
  • Also in collaboration with DPI, we’re overseeing the production of a game for the island of Pampus by a group of students at the HKU, and are planning the design of a playful framework for all the fort’s exhibits to plug into (aka Ika).
  • We’re designing and producing a series of live games (and an online game) for the 2nd installment of the Learning Lab (codenamed Fugu). Learning Lab is an experimental education program for honors students of the VU and the UvA. Our games are primarily aimed at facilitating student’s reflection on their personal development. Wieger and Sylvan (the Fugu team) have been blogging about their work extensively, look for posts tagged Learning Lab.
  • We’re co-curating an exhibition of interactive work at Tweetakt 2011, a festival for performing arts aimed at youth. We’ve put together a shortlist and I must say it’s a lovely collection of local and international work that highlights the role of performance in playful interaction.
  • Maguro – a hush-hush pervasive game for a large governmental organization that will be played by employees, blend with their day-to-day work and hopefully ignite behavioral change. We should be signing contracts for these soon, and then away we go.
  • And finally, Iwashi is the codename for our involvement with a conference for creative folk working with play and games planned for the second half of 2011.

What do you think? I don’t think that’s a bad list. I might do another one of these in another three months or so.

  1. Stekker Fest, Netherlands Film Festival, Le Guess Who? []
  2. FourceLabs, Zesbaans, Monobanda []
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