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Come over and play at Tweetakt


From my window I can see guys building the Tweetakt pavilion on the Neude square. They’ve started today. Next week, the festival starts. And I’m a little excited because this year I was asked by Tweetakt to curate the interactive exhibition that will be on display at the pavilion.

Tweetakt is a festival for performing arts for youth. The work I selected are all installations with a playful nature. Tweetakt is determined to bridge the gap between the traditional elements in their program – such as theatre and dance – and emerging games culture. What I also payed attention to was that each work on display would have a performance-like quality to it. That is to say, it should be as much fun watching people play as it is to play yourself.

The projects on display are:

It’ll come as no surprise to you that many of these were featured at previous editions of This happened – Utrecht. In fact the tenth edition of the event coincides with Tweetakt, giving us the chance to present to the local community both Chris O’Shea (who co-founded the original This happened in London, so it’s a joy to have him over) and Yuri Suzuki. Monobanda and Matthias Oostrik complete the lineup. The event is fully booked, but you might have a chance at the door.

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