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Two new projects in the portfolio

I’ve added two projects to our portfolio recently. I thought I’d post a quick note to point them out to you.

Learning Lab

A block from the Learning Lab game Regulator Rally

The first one is Learning Lab, a design research project we ran in the last few months of 2010. It was commissioned by an experimental educational program for VU and UvA students aimed at developing leadership skills. We designed games and playful interventions for the program, as well as a blog-based metagame. Have a look at the project description and if you’re curious to know more read the posts in the project blog archive. If you’re interested in ways to use play in higher education, let us know.

PLAY Pilots

The PLAY Pilots home page

The second project has been a little special for me, since I was able to give something back to the rich cultural life Utrecht has always spoiled me with, and it allowed me to work with some of the most talented studios in the city. PLAY Pilots is a project commissioned by the city and province of Utrecht which we directed. We were asked to work with festivals and games studios to see how play could be introduced in more traditional cultural domains. It resulted in three wonderful live games, and an online game that tied them all together. Check out the project description, the PLAY Pilots website and the accompanying process blog. We’re always keen to work with cities to see how play can make cultural infrastructure more accessible to a new audience. Do let us know if you’re looking for help in that domain.

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