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Speaking at CoCities Salon Amsterdam

Cognitive Cities certainly has been the most stimulating conference of 2011 for me so far. (Despite the few shortcomings I reported on earlier.) So I am super glad it is getting follow-up in the form of a salon in Amsterdam. Tomorrow.

And I will be speaking.

So, Thursday June 30 in TrouwAmsterdam’s Verdieping: Cognitive Cities Salon Amsterdam with James Burke, Katalin Galayas, Edwin Gardner, Juha van ‘t Zelfde and myself. Doors open 19:00, entrance fee 10 Euros.

I’ll do a reprise of New Games for New Cities, which I first presented at FutureEverything. I am very glad to get another chance to share these ideas at what I am sure will be a great meeting of minds.

(Sorry about the many speaking announcements around here lately. I promise we’ll get back with some proper content soon.)

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