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A roundup of Code 4 publicity

We’ve been talking about Code 4 at various venues the past few months. So I thought I should collect the results from those events here, in case you’ve missed them the first time around.

Code 4 is the large-scale game for organizational game we made for the Dutch Tax Administration in collaboration with Demovides and the Utrecht School of the Arts. It uses various media to propel players into a game set in the near future, which is interwoven with their daily work. Broadly speaking, the aim was to improve participant’s skills in terms of organizational capacity and client-centeredness..

Read DiGRA practice paper

In September, I presented a practice paper on the game at the DiGRA 2011 Conference: Think Design Play. It’s in the conference proceedings but I’ve uploaded a PDF to this site as well for your reading pleasure.

Watch the Chi Sparks talk

Agent in charge of all things software Alper Çugun spent a high-paced 10 minutes talking about the game and its creation process at Chi Sparks in June. Below is a video of that talk:

And of course, a full project write-up is in the portfolio. As mentioned before, we’re working on a video illustrating the player experience. So stay tuned for more on that.

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