Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

A look back on 2011

It’s almost time to close shop for the holidays so I thought I’d do a final post. Here’s a month-by-month look back at some of the major things that happened at Hubbub in 2011 with links to relevant posts and such in case you missed it the first time around.

January – We start development on Code 4, a game for organizational change commissioned by the Dutch Tax Administration. It is codenamed Maguro.

Playtesting Maguro again

February – I head to Cognitive Cities in Berlin which turns out to be an excellent experience. I stay in a Kreuzkölln apartment with Alper and Alexander and manage to take in quite a bit of what makes this city so appealing.

MarchTweetakt Festival takes place, featuring an exhibition of playful interactive work that I was asked to curate. We also run a This happened with talks on the works on display. This is also the month The Village opens, a new coffee place that becomes an instant favorite of mine.

April – We finish work on Code 4 after a successful pilot run and deliver it to the client. By this time Niels has written a lovely triptych of blog posts on what it feels like to work on the game.

May – I go to Manchester for FutureEverything and present New Games for New Cities.

June – A three-week tour of Japan makes for the perfect break from work and also provides me with a massive jolt of inspiration, culinary and otherwise.

July – Summer in the Netherlands means not much of anything gets done.

August – We bid FourceLabs, who we’ve been sharing a studio with since July 2010, farewell and move to a space of our own in the Dutch Game Garden. This involves replacing the floor, which turns out to be more of a challenge than anticipated.

Wax on, wax off

September – A new project for Noordhoff codenamed Iruka starts. I also present The Transformers at dConstruct, and talk about both Pig Chase and Code 4 at the DiGRA conference Think Design Play.

October – Work continues on Iruka, punctuated by attending Playful in London which does not fail to please (and I don’t just say that because they put me in the site header).

November – We playtest Iruka and we start work on a promotional video for Code 4 (which at the moment of writing is nearing completion).

IRUKA now with time-zone support

December – We have a party to celebrate the new studio. The concept video for Pig Chase is published.

Iruka and the Code 4 promotional video will bleed over into the new year. We’re also getting ready to start work on Saba, a game for a local museum. Other than that there are tons of plans for the next year, so I look forward to it with much excitement. Which leaves me with saying thanks for reading, I hope you’ll keep following us in 2012 and happy holidays!

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