Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 127

It was one of those weeks where Murphy’s Law was bound to rear its ugly head. And it did. Luckily, we got through it with little more than a scratch.

The studio schedule for this week was packed, various appointments for different projects involving a diverse configuration of people. I also had a speaking engagement lined up for Thursday, at Eurosonic Noorderslag. That still needed some prep and the plan was to do that in between the other stuff.

Of course, I had to fall ill with a nasty head cold halfway through the week.

Nevertheless, I managed to prepare the slides while nursing myself at home on Wednesday and jumped on a train northbound on Thursday. The talk – a romp through various reasons why I think play is important, what makes games special, and what wonderful things they can do – went well, but didn’t get the exposure I was hoping for. So I think I’ll shelf it for another go and some redevelopment at a next occasion.1

I also got to hang out with the fun and clever Matthew Sheret before and after the talk, and saw Monobanda’s DIY DJ get some well-deserved exposure.

On Friday I was still recovering, managed to get some work done but stopped early. So I am finishing up on a Saturday afternoon now.

Other than this, I worked with Irene on a number of blog posts we’re writing about Pig Chase’s design process. The first one, a brief anecdote of how the idea for the project first emerged is already up.

While on the subject of Pig Chase, we got another round of nice publicity this week, with articles on Boing Boing, io9 and Huffington Post, amongst others.

I also worked with Hanne, Alper and Karel on Saba. It was our first proper design session so there was a lot of hand-waving, discussing the brief, sketching and even a round of the Metagame to flex our game-debating muscles. We’ve made plans for some field research, which will happen next week.

Alper’s also looking into various iOS game development technologies, and helped me out with finding a tool to map the WiFi signals in the museum, which we might use for indoor positioning.2

By the way, Alper wrote a brief note on his move to Berlin and his plans for a Hubbub satellite studio there.

So, crisis averted. Let’s hope next week unfolds in a slightly more orderly fashion.

  1. My mention of how Hubbub is organized, something we call the Heist Model, did get some nice response though. []
  2. It looks like Netspot will do the trick. []
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