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A video of the Code 4 player experience

It’s not always easy communicating what the games we make feel like. Many of them take place as much off the screen as on, or employ no major visual media whatsoever. So there are no screenshots to post that would give you an impression of the player experience.

This certainly applies to Code 4, the large scale game for organizational change that we produced last year for the Dutch Tax Administration, in collaboration with Demovides and the Utrecht School of the Arts. True, part of it is played on a custom-built website, but just as much happens through email, telephone, live encounters with actors, and of course much physical social interaction with teammates and competing players.

So we’ve produced a video that illustrates key aspects of Code 4’s gameplay. Here it is:

Watch it on Vimeo, a Dutch version is also available.

You can read more about Code 4 in this project writeup. If you’re interested in running this game in your organization, or are interested in using games for organizational change in general, do get in touch.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the people at the Dutch Tax Administration who were kind enough to assist us in front and behind the scenes, Hein Lagerweij for doing an excellent job on the video production and of course the full Code 4 team for making this thing happen.

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