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Week 129

Hello from Dublin. I am writing this belated weeknote in between sessions.

Last week saw more work on Saba, with Karel and Hanne making a first playable prototype. I got to play it together with Erwin and the direction seemed promising. So we documented it and shared it with the client and got some enthusiastic responses from them. Erwin also walked through the museum and mapped the WiFi signals in all its rooms. The file should help Alper figure out if we can do indoor localization. The next step is to develop the design and art further and present it, then move on to a first playtest in the museum with our target audience.

Together with Irene I prepared for my talk on Pig Chase at Interaction12. We also published the next installment of our series of posts on the game’s design process.

I also met with Ianus and Alexander to discuss a new This happened event taking place in Amsterdam, which we’ve since announced.

I finished the week with a trip to Berlin where I participated in the Global Game Jam together with Alper, Hessel, Karel and Niels. Making a game in 48 hours is an endeavor fit for the insane but we came together nicely as a group, had fun, hardly slept, got to see something of the city and made a game that was at least mildly interesting. It’s called Nakatomi Rider and you can download it and play it if you have a Mac, a PS3 controller and a friend to join you.1

  1. There’s a great report of our adventure by Niels over at Bashers. []
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