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Week 131

It’s been very much a heads-down week. We started with a bit of a crunch on the game design and art style for Saba. Karel did a great job on a number of sketches that show how we intend to make the cabinet of curiosities we’re designing for come to life, while at the same time referencing field journals of 19th century natural scientists. Hanne wrote an elaborate scenario that illustrates our intended player experience. This serves as a very useful guiding light for future work. She also came up with an elegant way to test our design using paper and some off-the-shelf technologies. (A playtest is scheduled for next week.) Meanwhile I built a deck of slides to present all of this to our client. This went well, we received an informal green light (to be confirmed this week), got some constructive feedback, but no major issues were raised. So we’re on track. Good!

Meanwhile, over in our Berlin FOB, Alper is working on an initial technical proof-of-concept for Saba. Things seem to be shaping up well, so I expect we’ll be able to give it a spin somewhere in the next few weeks.

Erwin and I also finalized the Galaxy Tours materials with help from BUROPONY and sent them off to the client. The finish line on this project is very close now!

Other than this, my time is being taken up by a slightly ridiculous amount of presentations.

I lectured to Design for Interaction master students in Delft on thursday, on invitation of my This happened co-conspirator Ianus. I did a reprise of Irene and my Interaction12 talk on Pig Chase. The response from the present faculty was very encouraging and the many questions I received from students very stimulating. Afterwards, we toured the wonderful Industrial Design Engineering faculty building and had a few beers in the IDStudioLab.

I rounded off the week with preparations for my workshop on Galaxy Tours at Noordhoff Science Teacher’s Conference (which happens tomorrow), my talk on Koppelkiek at Social Cities of Tomorrow (this Friday) and my LIFT12 lecture (next week).

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