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Play some of our fave games at Tweetakt

I’ve blogged about Tweetakt before but now that construction of the festival pavilion is happening outside our studio windows I feel I should post a reminder. So this Friday, Tweetakt Festival opens. I’ve selected a number of games that will be playable for free at the pavilion for the full 10 days of the festival. If time and geographic proximity permit, you should definitely visit, play and let me know what you think. Bring a friend by the way, because this year all games are multiplayer. Here’s a rundown of the games:

Johann Sebastian Joust by Die Gute Fabrik (photo by Marie Foulston)

Hokra by Ramiro Corbetta (photo by Elliot Trinidad)

Fingle by Game Oven

Room Racers by Lieven van Velthoven

Sloopvogel & Arcrane by Team Dynamo, FourceLabs and the Utrecht School of the Arts (a new addition)

There are also many interesting theatre and dance performances on offer. In short, go.

Update: I totally forgot to mention we’re also putting on another This happened, with several talks about these works. All seats have been snatched up, but you could try the waiting list.

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