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Week 137

We’re nearing another playtest for Saba so most of our time last week was taken up with production on a new prototype. We drew up an asset list to guide Karel’s work on art. This in turn lead to some tweaks of my sketches. Meanwhile Hanne put more time into the copy. Erwin wrote up questions and observation points for test, scheduled the sessions with families we’d recruited and so on.

I met with the client on Wednesday, discussed various practicalities related to the game’s content, its branding, etc. I also showed work in progress, which I think is an important thing to do so that clients remain involved beyond the formal delivery moments.

Later that week I produced a simple prototype of the complete game using my sketches. This acted as a kind of sanity check on the interaction design and as one might expect resulted in more changes to my sketches. Alper joined me in the Utrecht studio from Berlin and we went over how we’d integrate all the content in the app. There’s still quite a bit of development work to do, so he’s been keeping busy.

We now have one more week before everything needs to be pulled together and we can hand it to a few test families we’ve recruited. Exciting times.

Meanwhile Tweetakt was in full swing. I managed to spend quite some time at the festival pavilion and observed lots of people playing the games I’d selected. It was encouraging to see all games get lots of playtime, I think my strategy to go for social, accessible games really payed off.

We also ran an edition of This happened as part of Tweetakt. Several of the talks were about the games on display, others were about different but equally interesting work. We had a good turnout, a great atmosphere with lots of laughs and honest talks. As this was my last event as a curator, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Finally, some posts elsewhere that you might have missed: another bit on the creation process of Pig Chase – about how we discovered pigs respond to light – and a post in Dutch over at Bashers on why I think The Resistance is an excellent psychological game.

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