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Week 141

We’re trying to focus on a few projects lately. The idea is to have fewer things going on at the same time, so that each gets the attention we feel it deserves. Last week this renewed focus payed off. We got a lot of work done on both Saba and Kani and I feel good about the quality of the work.

On Monday, I worked together with Hanne to prepare for the design workshop at Kani’s client. We had been developing an idea for an exercise with which we could get some feedback on our conceptual direction as well as get a feel for our target audience’s willingness to play.

We played through the thing as we had planned, concluded it wasn’t quite up to scratch and made some necessary adjustments. After another play-through we felt confident it would be up to the task. We prepared some slides to guide the group through the exercise, finalized our materials and called it a day.

On Tuesday we ran the workshop on site at the client’s hospital. We shared insights from our interviews with various representatives of the many different disciplines that keep a hospital running. We were taken on guided tours to get a sense of the physical space and then we ran our playful exercise. The format held up well. It was easy enough to get into, people had fun. We got a lot out of it both in terms of observed behavior as well as content produced by the participants. All stuff to chew on in the week to come.

The rest of the week I worked with Alper to finalize a new test version of Saba. I focused on getting all the copy and art in, while he worked to make the game’s engine tick. Next Wednesday we’ll go back to the museum and test with a number of families again. It’s the first full version we’re testing in terms of content and features. I’m curious to see how it will hold up.

In between, I had the pleasure to visit Delft University of Technology on invitation of Ianus to critique work by Design for Interaction students. This consisted of several handfuls of concepts communicated in the shape of postcards, which I was sent without knowledge of the brief. I went through all of these, judging whether I “got” what each concept was about, what I thought about the way it was communicated and wether it made me think of any other work in the field. I shared my perspective in a short, 45-minute presentation early on Friday morning. Afterwards I hung out in the central space of Industrial Design Engineering’s lovely faculty.

Finally, I should mention we published a final post on the making of Pig Chase’s concept video over at the Playing with Pigs blog. This one is about various ways i which making a concept video can be a valuable design exercise.

And with that, another long weekend kicked off, this time because of the Netherlands’ notorious Koninginnedag.

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