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Week 142

At the start of last week, I found myself working on a national holiday. A fate not unfamiliar to most business owners, I guess. That day, and the one following it, I was tweaking the Saba build we would be testing on Wednesday. Myself and Alper have gotten into a nice rhythm of remote collaboration. Going back and forth between Utrecht and Berlin through a combination of GitHub, Skype and Basecamp.

I ran the play test together with Erwin, for whom this was his last contribution to the project. We would have loved to have him around for production support longer, but he has six months abroad doing something completely different ahead of him. Perhaps we’ll see more of him afterwards.

The Saba tests went relatively smooth, although of course there are plenty of things to improve on, which is the whole point of the exercise. Things are coming together nicely and we are more or less at the stage where we can start “plussing”. On Thursday and Friday I devoted some time to documenting findings. Editing video, writing down notes, that sort of thing.

For Kani, I met up with Herman and Hanne on Tuesday to reflect on our experience running the workshop the week before. We made plans for the final leg of this engagement, which is a concept presentation that includes our research findings and a plan and budget for production. I worked some more on the concept part with Hanne later in the week.

On Friday I did some long overdue work on Hamachi together with Tim. It’s an experimental social game we’ll be publishing under a CC license. It’s almost ready. We’ve been tweaking copy and designing the print-on-demand bits. I found myself googling for funny photos of animals and pulling them through an Atkinson dithering app. A suitable way to finish the week, I guess.

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