Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 143

The previous week was the last full work week before I take a break, which starts this Thursday. So we’re wrapping up running projects or at least getting them to stage where they can be safely put on hold.

For Saba, this meant sitting down with Hanne, Karel and Alper remotely to MoSCoW the list of improvements that resulted from the last play test. I shared the list with the museum and talked it through with them on Wednesday. They had prepared their own list so we merged them, resulting in a list we’re both satisfied with. This has now been frozen and when I return from my break we will pick up from there.

On the Kani front, I did some estimates for a production budget on Tuesday, discussed some of the finer points of our concept with Hanne on Thursday and sketched out a rough concept storyboard on Friday. This week – tomorrow in fact – we’ll present the whole thing to the hospital. Hopefully by the time I return we’ll have a positive response from them and can start building a team for production.

With Irene I had another chat about how to approach the production of a playable prototype for Buta. With some assistance of friends on the internet we now have a firm grasp of the technologies involved. So we are now in a good position to finally hire our team and then kick off the next phase once I get back.

Finally, I at last found the time to post my Lift12 talk. Alper presented his thoughts on gamification through the lens of love, dating and relationships at NEXT in Berlin. I’m sure he’ll get around to posting that here eventually too.

So, a few more days to go and I’m off to the other side of the globe for a few weeks of R&R. You can expect to hear from us again once I return on Monday, June 4.

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