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Week 151

I guess this was one of those weeks that is typical of work during summer. Which is to say: we made some attempts at tying up loose ends on running projects and put some effort into starting up new ones but other than that not much of anything got done.

I met up again with Dirk and Liesbeth again on Monday. This once again took place at the lovely offices of De Groene Amsterdammer, probably my favorite Dutch print news publication in NL, and the new home of De Gids since April of this year. We were joined by Gids editors Arjen Mulder and Dirk van Weelden. Yes, another Dirk so to keep things simple I will refer to them as Dirk Jr. and Dirk Sr. We talked about the rough planning we had come up with on the Friday before, and also drew up a long list of writers who might make good collaborators.

On Tuesday we played a game of Ceremony of Surprise with Dutch Game Garden residents. As usual we had fun, even though it was kind of weird to run it in the middle of the day. The game ends with everything set for a party. To have to go back to work at that point takes some effort. This was also a try-out of sorts for running the game at Indigo so several of the event’s organizers were present.

Ceremony of Surprise aftermathAftermath of a game of Ceremony of Surprise

On Tuesday I went over all the copy in Saba and adjusted it as per the last review of the client. Speaking of copy, did I mention the game is called Beestenbende? It roughly translates “Animal Mess” but could also mean “Bunch of Animals”. I’ll talk about the connection between the name and the game’s play some other time. On Monday I headed over to the museum again, and mostly went over details relating to our delivery, acceptance testing and the subsequent submission to the App Store.

In between some time went into a meeting with a potential client for an organizational change game. This took place on Thursday, and I prepared for it with an old-fashioned proper conference call on Monday. The next step is to share some ideas and see if they’d be interested in receiving a proper offer.

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