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Week 152

Let’s see what happened last week shall we?

I know I’ve been saying that we’re close to finishing Beestenbende for a while now. But we’re close. Honest. Me and Alper did some dotting of Is and crossing of Ts. We now have an actual release client.

On Tuesday I had lunch with the Niels ‘t Hooft, the very model of a plugged in games journalist. We talked about how our plans for world domination overlapped and found several new opportunities for work together. This might include project SAKE. We also talked about my newfound love for building bicycles.1

Throughout the week I spent some time sketching out the talk on PLAY Pilots for Virtueel Platform’s Dutch E-culture Days. To this end I went over the copious documentation on the PLAY Pilots blog and was reminded of all the hard work done by those involved and the fun we had back then. Good times.

For BUTA, I spent a morning with Irene messing around with beamers and cameras to figure out what would be a good match for a pig pen.

And to round things off I met up with Dirk Jr. in Amsterdam to spend a rainy Friday afternoon working on SAKE. There was lots of waving hands and wild-eyed thinking aloud. But we managed to write down some first principles that will guide us through the rest of the design. I headed back to Utrecht with a stack of old Gids editions on loan from Dirk as I need to brush up on my Dutch literature.2

  1. Niels’s side of the story can be read in these weeknotes. []
  2. For various reasons, most of what I read is in English. []
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