Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 155

We’re getting into the rhythm of things with Buta. Last week we had our first proper standup meeting. Although it’s hard to tell if there was any actual standing up. The team’s distributed, so we chatted over Skype. Anyway, these should now happen each week on Monday and will help us get to a playable prototype ASAP.

I wrote up the specs for Sake. The paper prototype session I had with Dirk Jr. the week before was very helpful in crystalizing the basic stuff we’ll need. Next, we’ll sketch out some interfaces and should be ready to start on a software prototype soon after.

On Wednesday I was joined by Iskander in the studio, who worked on his own stuff away from the bustle of the offices. But we made sure to catch up over coffee and lunch breaks. If you’re curious, read about what Iskander is up to in his weeknotes.

On the same day, I talked with Stef about the short video we’ll be producing to explain and promote Beestenbende. We walked through the game and discussed what we would like the video to convey. Filming people playing physical games is hard, as we learned when we made the Code 4 video. This time, in stead of asking players to act out specific things, we’re going to try to shoot documentary style. This does require recording a lot of surplus material so that we can select the best bits. But the result will hopefully be nice and natural.

And finally, quite some time was spent on preparing for and delivering an introductory talk on pervasive games. This took place on Thursday at our home, the Dutch Game Garden as part of their annual Summer Talks series. I tried to provide a little bit of theoretical grounding for the subject and then dove into a lot of stuff we’ve learned over the years from doing these kinds of games at Hubbub. A report including slides should appear on the – recently redesigned – DGG website soon.

On deck for this week: some work with Tim on Ceremony of Surprise for a soon to be announced festival where we will run the game, and a trip to Berlin to play and talk at Playpublik.

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