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Week 156

I’m writing this on a train back from Berlin after a wonderful few days making games with Alper and playing games at Playpublik.

Last week started with some work with Tim on Ceremony of Surprise. We’ll be running the game at Hide & Seek’s Weekender. I’m hugely excited about this. We’re tuning the game a little and making some adjustments so that it is suitable as a drop-in game.

On Tuesday I headed to the Universiteitsmuseum with Stef to show him the cabinet of curiosities where Beestenbende is played. Stef will be making a short promo video for the game, so a site visit was in order. He can now come up with a plan for the video.

I didn’t do this for a while, but on request from the Dutch Game Garden I posted the slides for my Summer Talk to SlideShare so they can be included in the forthcoming report of the talk on their website.

On Wednesday, I hopped on a train to Berlin and en route reviewed student papers.

That afternoon, I Joined Alper at his studio. After a late lunch we got cracking on the final fixes for Beestenbende.

Work on that continued the next day, culminating in a version that is all ready for submission to Apple. So we can now formally wrap up the project. Of course we’re not done as such – we’ll help the Universiteitsmuseum with launching the game and the PR around it.

Having reached our milestone we then rushed off to The Computerspielemuseum for the opening of Playpublik. The following days were a wonderful mix of meeting with likeminded players and makers of street games, listening to talks and of course playing games. Highlights included:

If you get a chance to play any of these, don’t hesitate to grab it.

I contributed to the festival with a talk on Pig Chase, and participating in a panel discussion on gamification. Meanwhile, work continued on Pig Chase. Alper was hacking away whenever he got the chance.

So now I am on my way home feeling a bit tired but at the same time energized. Eager to get keep pushing ahead on the games we’re making.

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