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Week 158

I’m running late with these notes so I’d better get them out there.

A big chunk of my time was taken up by final exams at the Utrecht School of the Arts. I was part of one of the committees assessing the projects and research done by students pursuing a master of arts in game design or interaction design. Much of the work was excellent, which is heartening. I have been reviewing work at the HKU for the past four years and the quality keeps improving. Of course as it goes, not all of it was great and we had to fail a few students. I’ll never quite get used to doing that, but it’s part of the job and important too, otherwise an MA would be meaningless.

I worked on SAKE a bit, banging out a paper prototype which integrated some of the ideas I had the week before. I’m getting excited about the direction this is taking. There are some neat choices around limiting what players can do so it does not become a crowd-sourced storytelling free-for-all. I have also figured out some fun ways in which players can more or less force each other to write about specific things.

I also had a meeting with the Gids editors to plan some of the upcoming work around a briefing for writers who will participate in the game, and a sneak preview of the game at the anniversary event this fall.

And finally, for BUTA I managed to connect the things Alper has made with the stuff Aduen has been working on and so for the first time I was moving a dot on an iPad and seeing its twin move on an app running on a MacBook, which will go on to become the “pig client”. All of this over the internet, so we’re nearing a first complete prototype that we can set up at a farm. There are a few more things to take care of before we can do this, however.

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