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Week 163

It’s already Wednesday so let me quickly share with you some of the things that happened last week.

On Tuesday I jumped in a Greenwheels and did a little tour of the Netherlands. First stop was Apeldoorn for a talk about how we made Code 4. This was part of the annual Week of Inspiration, organized by the Dutch Tax Administration for its employees.

After which I drove down to Tilburg for a reprise of the talk I did on Koppelkiek at Social Cities of Tomorrow, on invitation of CAST. This event was called City, Play & Digital Media. The audience was mostly architects, urban planners and policy makers.

And then I headed back home, with around 270 kilometers behind me.

On Wednesday I spent some time with Simon to discuss the first few screens of Victory Boogie Woogie he’ll be sketching out for a sneak preview at the Gids’s 175th anniversary event, later this month.

And on Thursday, we met a major milestone for Pig Chase, with the installation of a playable prototype at a farm. Finally being able to remotely play around with pigs was quite the thrill.


On Friday I sketched out an idea for a presentation at TFI’s event on Games & Heritage, which would take place the following week. I started from a hypothetical car museum and worked out a scenario about remixing cars and getting a 3D-printed result as a souvenir.

I ended the week with another talk, a repeat of my Pervasive Games 101 talk (but this time in English) at /dev/haag. On my way back home, I dropped by the opening of Indigo, where I got to play some fun and interesting new Dutch games.

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