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Week 165

My streak of talks continued last week with a brief appearance on Monday at Playing City, an installment of City Think Lab, which has been charting the various ways of thinking about cities over the course of the past year. I discussed our general approach for designing games for cities, and in particular on what basis we choose certain technologies. This allowed me to go off on a tangent towards the end of my 10 minutes about technology as a material, and dedication to all aspects of game creation, with Jiro Ono as my guiding archetype.

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of going over my TEDxUtrecht talk with speaking coach Joni Bais. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about what I might gain from the session. But Joni set me straight, with an honest attempt to gauge my personal approach to the subject and tailor her advice accordingly. Very refreshing.

Some writings appeared here over the course of the week which might interest you: one, a writeup of Galaxy Tours, a design research project about classroom games for science education and two, notes from chief technology agent Alper on the development of Beestenbende.

The week was rounded off with some work from myself and Simon on Victory Boogie Woogie. Simon polished the mockups we’ll show at De Gids anniversary gala this Thursday. I continued to explore some game design directions using Machinations.

And on Friday, I met with Tim Bosje to reflect on our run of Ceremony of Surprise at the Hide&Seek Weekender and catch up over beers at De Bastaard.

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