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Week 170

So another week has passed. It dawned on me this weekend that for me, there are four more working weeks left in the year. That’s a bit of a shock, but then work will just continue on happening in 2013, so it’s odd nearing the end of the year still feels like a thing. Anyway.

Last week started with me attending TEDxBrussels. Irene was invited to speak on Pig Chase there and I tagged along for moral support. I’m always curious what the response from the audience is when we show this work. This being TEDx we’d prepared a small exclusive in the form of a tiny documentary film of a playtest we ran at a farm recently with an actual working prototype. The game you see here is not as slick and shiny as the concept video, but this is the product of a small team of technologists and designers negotiating a lot of technical complexities and the unfamiliar reality of installing tech in a pig pen. I’m pretty proud of what we’ve achieved.

Playing with Pigs: Pig Chase Playtest from Utrecht School of the Arts on Vimeo.

I also started writing my chapter for The Gameful World. This is a book edited by Steffen P Walz & Sebastian Deterding. The official announcement isn’t out yet but I can tell you they’ve gathered a great group of writers and I am honored to take part. My chapter is on the built environment. I’ve outlined it, drew up a list of sources and have planned the writing of my first draft which should be finished by the end of this month. To make sure I stay on track I did a bit of gameful design myself and set up a spreadsheet to keep track of how many words I have left to go.

More happy news: Alper has returned from Australia unscathed despite getting up close and personal with various marsupials. His MacBook had faired less well though, so while a repair shop was making amends he joined me in the Utrecht studio to work on a loaner. In the age of the cloud it turns out it’s not much trouble to be up and running on a foreign machine.

Alper being back means we got project SAKE rolling again with a standup. We’re now shooting for a first digital prototype to be available for playing by the De Gids editors by the end of this month.

The rest of the week was mostly taken up with business development—meeting with a potential client, talking to a potential future collaborator, and writing a project proposal for the University Medical Center Utrecht with my younger brother at Pony Design Club. That sort of thing.

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