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Week 171

This week started with a two-day workshop with Jeroen van Mastrigt of WLYW for a startup. We played and evaluated their game, and subsequently suggested a redesign consisting of the same parts but recombined to be more dynamic and generative.

Writing on my Gameful World chapter continued. There was a slight hiccup on Tuesday but I got right back into it on Wednesday (and have since finished a first draft).

On Wednesday evening I attended the penultimate Visible Cities, which featured a lovely lineup. DUS Architects talked about their Kamermaker project—an enormous 3D printer with which they are investigating the impact of digital fabrication on architecture. I particularly liked their musings on the possible emergence of a new Amsterdam School and a return to ornament. Digitally fabricated building materials might require more ornament for structural integrity, in contrast to their industrial counterparts.

MVRDV presented a couple of future scenarios for decentralized, participatory urban planning that ranged from the utopian to the anarchist.

And Ben Cerveny—finally able to visit Amsterdam again after wrapping up his adventure with Bloom—shared his musings on the implications of our new shared informational space for the way we use, perform and even play the city. I was most struck by his suggestion to start thinking in terms of ‘instruments’—essentially tools that allow urbanites to simultaneously better see (instrument in the sense of for instance a telescope) and perform (instrument in the sense of for instance a piano) the city.

On Thursday I presented on Pig Chase at Game in the City. This included the new material first shown by Irene in Brussels. Being at Game in the City was also an opportunity to catch up with many people in the Dutch games scene. And of course I made sure I played some games—most notably Monobanda‘s new experimental audio game Remembering, which really does stir memories, and Luftrausers by Vlambeer, which just keeps getting more ridiculously awesome.

The rest of the week was taken up by business development. We finalized a proposal for some gameful design consulting with an education startup, and I met with an interesting new prospect for a game installation in the corporate health space.

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