Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 172

Woah, almost fell off the horse there—it’s Wednesday and I haven’t written up last weeks notes yet. So real quick, let me tell you what happened.

Most notably, I finished writing my Gameful World chapter. I then added references and collected images. After one last proofread I sent it to the editors one day short of the deadline. It’ll be peer-reviewed and I’m told I can expect feedback somewhere beginning of next year.

It’s a tradition of sorts for us to have wrap-up drinks with a client after we finish a project. So we headed to Ledig Erf to do just that with our friends of the University Museum to celebrate Beestenbende.

I had numerous meetings about possible future projects. Development on SAKE continued. And I kicked off a new project with Herman codenamed HIRAME. It’s concept development for a game aimed at fostering certain cultural values within a big consultancy.

Over the weekend I had the pleasure seeing some very exciting acts perform live at Le Guess Who?—my favorite annual music festival and maybe the best thing to happen to this city in the past five years. Highlights included Matthew Dear, Fuck Buttons and Destroyer. Give them a listen.

And finally, on Sunday I treated myself to an afternoon of ‘brain training’ at the annual Nexus conference. The theme was How to Change the World? and the program included a keynote from no-one less than Alain Badiou. His argument and the ones that followed in the intense panel discussions for me boiled down to the following:

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