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Week 174

The penultimate workweek of the year turned out rather packed with work on two new projects—the aforementioned HIRAME and now also KAIGARA, for which contracts were signed midway through the week.

KAIGARA is game concept development for a multinational company—our biggest client to date in fact, so I am quite pleased. I’ll wait with sharing particulars until we’re further underway. But what I can say is that a first collaborative design workshop is due to happen this Wednesday. So the past week I spent some time developing the agenda for this in coordination with the client.

Work with Herman on HIRAME continued. We had a client meeting during which we presented some initial game ideas, and also talked about a setup for a first workshop. Those all went down quite well, so it’s now time to plan the workshop in more detail. That is scheduled to happen somewhere in January of next year, so we have some time still.

We transitioned SAKE into dormancy for the upcoming weeks while the De Gids editors play with the digital prototype and collect issues and ideas for improvements. We’ll sit down to go over those in the new year and then start work on a next iteration.

The week ended with rather enjoyable Christmas drinks. I was pleased to see so many people join us, all with very different connections to the company—collaborators and clients, friends and family, etc. Drinks were had and games were played.1 One can’t ask for much more, right?

Wrapping up, let me just say I’m happy I managed to make it to Den Bosch for the tail end of Playful Arts Festival on Sunday. Zuraida did an excellent job collecting some of the best local multiplayer games from the past year or two and presenting them in a fun and accessible way. I hope there will be a next edition.

  1. To wit, Spaceteam, Ascending Empires and Cards Against Humanity. []
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