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Become a Hubbub Utrecht studio resident

Become a Hubbub studio resident

Looking for a new workspace? If you’re a designer or technologist working in the areas of games, design, urbanism or social change we’d love to have you as a resident. We have two workplaces available in our Utrecht studio and would like to make them available to independent creatives who share our interests. You’ll work independently on your own projects, but we’ll also explore collaborations—for clients & for self-commissioned work. In any case, physical proximity will ensure we share ample ideas and experiences.

This is not a coworking/desksharing scheme. You’ll have your own permanent spot in the studio. Your own desk, some shelves, and your very own pinboard. You’ll basically have everything you need to do actual design work, as opposed to ‘cloud worker’ type stuff you’d also be able to do in your local coffee house.

The going monthly rate for a workplace is €250,- (excluding 21% VAT). We’ll provide you with a decent chair and a handmade desk designed by Pony Design Club. Internet etc. is included, as well as use of our big meeting table. We’re residents of the Dutch Game Garden, so you’ll also benefit from their facilities and network. Beat that!

If you’re interested, send an email to kars at this domain. We’ll set up a meeting to get acquainted, show you the space and figure out if things will work for the both of us.

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