Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 176

And we’re back. Hope you had a good Christmas break. In between the usual family visits, I mostly sat on the couch and read comics—while occasionally receiving missives from Alper, who discovered Berlin effectively shuts down over the holidays.

Or has he put it on Twitter:

Good thing he was ill for most of his break.

So, this week was a short one, as it started on Wednesday. I got right back into the saddle thanks to an intensive KAIGARA session with Herman in which we reflected on the first workshop and made plans for the second one.

To offset the excitement of a number of uninterrupted hours of being creative, I finished 2012’s financials right after.

On Thursday I got back into my Gameful World chapter, having received feedback from the editors as well as suggestions from Alper. I’ve got my work cut out for me—rewriting is much slower going than doing an initial draft—but it is clear to me the whole thing will benefit from the effort tremendously.

Today, I got back to KAIGARA, trying to nail down the basic game concept that will form the basis for a first physical prototype. After a few pomodoros of sketching, and a quick call with Alper in Berlin, I think we are on to something. Now to give it hands and feet.

Back to my usual thing (want to do more sketching in 2013)

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