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Week 177

Kars said it was my turn to write weeknotes, so here I am. I’ll be taking them up more regularly from now on. At the start of the week we put up a notice about openings for residents at our Utrecht studio. If you’re interested in sharing the space, ideas and coffee, feel welcome to reply.

Kars spent most of the week doing a game design sprint for KAIGARA after last week’s setup. We also had to further elaborate on the hard and soft technology frameworks the game will be developed in. The rest of the week it was more calls, more documentation and game design, game design, game design.

Prototyping KAIGARA

Kars managed to squeeze in an interview with Wired UK about wild play (see ‘The Strange Things People Play’) and why we think it is a good alternative for games that neither want to be casual nor instrumental.

To clarify our alternative stance, I started drafting one page posts for the concepts of gamification and serious games. We take issue with both of those phrasings but because they do have currency, we think it is worth while to reach out to anyone who does want to create meaningful results.

The Dutch Game Garden of course also had their New Year’s drinks which were a ton of fun. I traveled to Amsterdam on some other business on Thursday and we took the opportunity to synchronize work for what was left of the week.

On Friday Kars went to the Hague to test the KAIGARA prototype he built this week and talk more about our target audience. By all indications everything went well.

Chilling out with der Franz on a Friday afternoon #wander

Later that afternoon he joined me at the esteemed offices of the Groene Amsterdammer where we had a meeting with De Gids about SAKE. We decided to add some more testing because the holiday period had been too busy for most and we now also have a better idea about the launch staging.

One of the reasons why I was in the Netherlands was to be able to see the final play in the mightysociety series. We have an active professional interest in theater that is tied up with our skepticism about the medium’s future in a digitally interactive world. I’ll be writing more about that in Dutch elsewhere.

On Sunday we had another work session session at the Utrecht studio, aided by the excellent coffee and atmosphere in the Village. Kars continued iterating on his book chapter and I was busy writing some odds and ends. I played a bit of the Luftrausers beta on a spare laptop and destroyed my poor plane in short order. At the end of the afternoon I caught a train back to Berlin from which I am now writing these weeknotes.

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