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Week 178

So it’s been a snowy week here in Utrecht—and I’m pretty sure it’s been more than chilly in Berlin too. We started the week earlier than usual, on Sunday, with myself plugging away at a revised chapter for the Gameful World book—trying to cram in as many references as I could, and generally clarifying and streamlining my argument.1 I was joined by Alper who had been in NL the past few days. We paid a visit to Plof for some fries—can’t get proper Dutch fries in Germany—and The Village for some coffee, and by the end of the afternoon Alper hopped on a train back to Berlin.

Those small Utrecht rituals #wander

Monday I’d planned to spend most of the day finishing the chapter, but I was rudely interrupted by a Dutch television news crew, who asked my opinion on what turned out to be a reality game gone awry. Most of these were beginner’s mistakes—such as a too-serious theme—that could’ve been easily avoided by reading a few bits of Pervasive Games. If you’re interested (and understand Dutch) here’s the short item they produced from interviews with myself and the students that were targeted by the game.

Most of the rest of the week was taken up with further work on KAIGARA. Alper produced a technical memo and I created a one-slide presentation of the game concept. The two together are used to get buy-in inside the client organization.

Aside from this, I spent some time with Herman on Thursday talking about HIRAME, which is on the back burner for the moment but will shift back to the forefront mid February in all likelihood. We also discussed the second phase of KANI, for which you might remember we did concept development mid-2012. It took a while, but it now looks like we will be asked to actually build the thing.

All of which means the first half of 2013 is starting to look busy. Good.

Back in Berlin, Alper also worked on a position paper that will hopefully lead to us participating in a gameful-design-related workshop at an academic conference. Being non-academics this is always a slightly painful process for us, but the organizers explicitly reached out to practitioners which we find commendable so we’ve given it our best shot.

Finally, and happily, on Friday contracts were signed for the first stage of FURAPPA, which is concept development also, for our very first German client. This is something Alper has been busy with for some time. I’m really excited about this and I hope it will be the first of many more clients outside of the Netherlands.

View from Neude square looking down Voorstraat, with snow and finger in front of lens

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