Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 179

This will be some short notes where I had been floored by flu over the weekend and Kars spent most of his time in Utrecht pushing everything along for the concept presentation of KAIGARA.

Since this week you can also register for updates on the Gameful World, the book Kars is contributing to.

In between everything there was ample coffee with co-conspirators both in Berlin and Utrecht. Kars and Tim Bosje, who you might remember from Ceremony of Surprise, even thought up a coffee themed card game over coffee. Lots of stuff brewing (no pun intended) and a lot we would like to share, but not just now.

And then we finished the week with a FRIDAYS AT 7 at our local De Bastaard because we and studio friends had reason enough to celebrate. Niels ‘t Hooft—who we collaborated with in Code 4—finished his book draft:

And Arjen de Jong—a former intern—graduated:

First FRIDAYS AT 7 with friends of Hubbub.

A final note on logistics: next week Kars will be in Berlin at Praxis for a planning session and work on FURAPPA.

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