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Week 181

Such a full stack last week that I’m a bit unsure what to start with. Lots of new business being discussed too vaguely to write about, but we can say 2013 is off to a good start. Though Berlin is still rather cold:

Ghostly in the metro

Kars spent a large part of the week preparing the HIRAME playtest together with Herman. That will happen this week, so a good kind of tension is building.

Working with Simon and Alper on SAKE

The team for SAKE (Kars, myself and Simon) spent a full day sprinting to work towards the release version which is smashing fun across two studios. The synchronicity makes it so much easier to bang out lots of good work. I catch myself wishing that we would do nothing else, but a studio revolves around many more kinds of work which all have to happen (un)fortunately.

We got this hand as a souvenir from Simon’s upcoming short movie The Lighthouse:

Posable hand

We’re collating notes and sketches on FURAPPA to head for delivery on that short engagement. We hope to be able to follow up on it because it is such a ripe territory for lots of playful and social experiments.

Preparatory work on KAIGARA continues and forces us to consider lots of things before actual production which is very useful even though it may not be our usual agile modus operandi.

Wednesday I posted the first installment of ‘Recess!’ an episodic correspondence series on games between myself, Kars and Niels. We all write a lot about games in various contexts, but we felt that more freedom would result in more creativity. Without any editors breathing down our necks, in Recess! we will be writing about whatever strikes our fancy. This week Niels —having finished his book draft— is up. I’m looking forward to his contribution a lot.

Not coincidentally my Recess! was about Proteus and Friday my review for the was published about it. I try to combine game criticism and ideas from the sciences and the arts in my reviews as far as that is possible in 250 words. You’ll have to read it yourself to see if I’ve succeeded:

Alper's review of Proteus in

Friday also Kars went to Amsterdam to present our progress on SAKE to the Gids and make sure we are all aligned for final descent.

The Utrecht studio may receive reinforcements rather soon if you remember the call we made for residents. We are looking for highly capable people who do their own work but also enrich the studio’s practice by their presence. We have received some brilliant applications and we’re excited to see where this little scenius is headed.

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