Week 183

Kars started last week by giving a lecture to industrial design students at my alma mater. He walked students through Beestenbende and shared with them the finer points of interaction design for hybrid games. That week we also discussed next versions of Beestenbende with the Utrecht University Museum.

We received this paper from a game about shrinkage in Dutch communities we’re advising:

Received a newspaper from the future

Kars also wrote his first Recess! post, which means I am up again this week. Looking forward to that a lot. All three of us have found the open format to be very refreshing. On Tuesday I gave an interview as a preview for a conference where I’ll be talking about the creative practices of our studio and how the way we work influences what we make and vice versa. I hope to share both the interview and details about that conference in the very near future.

We’re developing Code 4 into a more repeatable version which is taking less time than expected thanks to the solidness of Django. Speaking of which I attended the Berlin Django meetup graciously hosted by our friends over at the Gidsy office.

Kars and Tim are also working on a new game with the working title ‘Fields of Darkness’. Coincidentally their previous collaboration The Ceremony of Surprise was played at GEEK 2013 last week.

Sander van der Vegte moved in over at Utrecht to be our first studio resident. We are immensely pleased to share the space with somebody of his outstanding track record in games and we look forward to manyfold pleasant interactions in the future. His K.K. Slider is already standing proudly:

K.K. Slider has joined us in the studio

The end of the week was mostly busy wrapping up SAKE both in solitary sprints as well as a full day one on Friday. It is satisfying to see that game being pared down to its essence and receiving its finishing touches. And we ended Friday in Berlin with an impromptu FAT7.

Besides all of this also lots of boring stuff to keep both studios running. More public speaking logistics: next week Kars will speak at Moving Stories about how musea can use digital experiences to engage their audiences. We’d love to see you there.

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