Week 184

Alper was asked to contribute some words on ‘gamification’ to TNW Magazine, which appeared the beginning of this week. With some amusement we took note of the other contributors to this piece. Let’s just say a diverse range of perspectives is covered.

On Monday Alper and I worked on adapting Code 4 for play within an organization other than the tax administration. We’d started work on that the week before and shipped it by the end of the day.

The next day Simon, Alper and I spent one more full day of work on the SAKE release candidate.

On Wednesday we signed the contract for KAIGARA’s second phase. An occasion to celebrate, which we will do soon—see below. We also continued work on SAKE.

I discussed progress on FURAPPA with Alper on Thursday. I provided feedback on the slide deck he’d drafted containing over ten ideas ranging from the pragmatic to the slightly insane. Next, I’ll sit down to sketch some quick scenarios to further illustrate the ideas.

That same day, we shipped the SAKE release candidate. A pre-launch page went up, officially unveiling the project as Victory Boogie Woogie—a collaborative writing game which will run for 10 week starting April 8th. If you enjoy open-ended creative play, like reading and writing, and understand Dutch (sorry) you should join us.

And finally, on Friday, Alper had breakfast with the Silikotti crew, posted his Recess! post—for which we also received a nice shout-out from our friends at Mudlark—and finished The Quantum Thief which he rather enjoyed. Meanwhile, I announced the second installment of our FRIDAYS AT 7 which if you’re reading this you should feel free to join.

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