Week 184

Alper was asked to con­trib­ute some words on ‘gami­fic­a­tion’ to TNW Magazine, which appeared the begin­ning of this week. With some amuse­ment we took note of the other con­trib­ut­ors to this piece. Let’s just say a diverse range of per­spect­ives is covered.

On Monday Alper and I worked on adapt­ing Code 4 for play within an organ­iz­a­tion other than the tax admin­is­tra­tion. We’d star­ted work on that the week before and shipped it by the end of the day.

The next day Simon, Alper and I spent one more full day of work on the SAKE release candidate.

On Wednesday we signed the con­tract for KAIGARA’s second phase. An occa­sion to cel­eb­rate, which we will do soon—see below. We also con­tin­ued work on SAKE.

I dis­cussed pro­gress on FURAPPA with Alper on Thursday. I provided feed­back on the slide deck he’d draf­ted con­tain­ing over ten ideas ran­ging from the prag­matic to the slightly insane. Next, I’ll sit down to sketch some quick scen­arios to fur­ther illus­trate the ideas.

That same day, we shipped the SAKE release can­did­ate. A pre-launch page went up, offi­cially unveil­ing the pro­ject as Victory Boogie Woogie—a col­lab­or­at­ive writ­ing game which will run for 10 week start­ing April 8th. If you enjoy open-ended cre­at­ive play, like read­ing and writ­ing, and under­stand Dutch (sorry) you should join us.

And finally, on Friday, Alper had break­fast with the Silikotti crew, pos­ted his Recess! post—for which we also received a nice shout-out from our friends at Mudlark—and fin­ished The Quantum Thief which he rather enjoyed. Meanwhile, I announced the second install­ment of our FRIDAYS AT 7 which if you’re read­ing this you should feel free to join.

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