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Week 185

We’re hosting a run of Code 4 these weeks which is proving to be stimulating. All in all we’re rather happy how well the project is holding up. For a two year old codebase, it doesn’t show much visible signs of aging at all.

For KAIGARA we got the team filled out according to our heist methodology. Conspirators old and new will tackle this project which should keep most of the studio humming for the first half of 2013.

We’ve been writing and sketching everything up for delivery on FURAPPA. One of the series of game conceptualization projects passing through the studio.

SAKE is being vetted now by De Gids (you can sign up for launch). As an introduction we asked the brilliant James Bridle to write a piece about literature and games for the magazine which was translated and published:

Reading @jamesbridle in Dutch

Niels wrote the fifth Recess! and knocked that one straight out of the park. I was expecting something like this to happen during this serial, but this is way ahead of my most optimistic projections. Kars is up this week and our expectations are high.

Kars went to Moving Stories on Friday to give a talk about game design for museums and to moderate a panel. We love to work in this field but we still find ample misconceptions about how to apply games in a museal context. Kars’s talk is one more step towards fixing this (online soon).

My blurb on gamification for TNW Magazine was published online for easier perusal.

During the weekend Kars had a game night which I’m afraid I missed, but I gathered with Berlin friends on Sunday to have a NotAtSxSW BBQ dinner.

Candidates for tonight's 6-player board game session.

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