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Week 186

As is the natural rhythm of things, we’ve been wrapping up a number of projects last week, while others are picking up steam.

On the wrapping-up front, I worked with Herman on preparing the slide deck for HIRAME’s final delivery. We put in some suggestions for a visual style, a proper game title, a premise—that sort of thing. And also a first rough stab at a planning and a budget.

I also had a final studio session with Anne and Zineb of Studio Papaver. Their proposal for a collective intelligence game aimed at generating solutions for problems related to population shrinkage is almost done. We discussed some details of how the complete game process will be organized and also did some back-of-a-napkin estimates for production budgets. They’ll present their plans at the NAi on Thursday, March 21.

This was also a week in which all of a sudden Pig Chase received attention once more: First a deliciously long article at Wired UK was published about playing with animals for which Clemens and I were interviewed and which also includes the wonderful work of Hanna Wirman on playing with orangutans. Also an episode of De Wereld Leert Door—a Dutch talk show on science—wholly dedicated to the project for which Marinka was interviewed. And finally the opening of Yes Naturally, an exhibition on the contemporary nature of the natural, which includes Pig Chase alongside work from Natalie Jeremijenko, Tinkebell and Ai Weiwei, amongst others. The project has been dormant while we look for new funds, but it’s great to see it continues to be relevant to people.

Alper—who joined us in NL from Wednesday onwards—provided FURAPPA’s client with a sneak preview of the ideas we’d cooked up for them and got some encouraging responses. So it’s on to cleaning up the slide deck and traveling to their HQ for a final presentation to their team, soon.

I talked to Dirk Jr. on Tuesday about the final improvements that need to be made before Victory Boogie Woogie (codename SAKE) can launch. And on Friday, Simon came over to the studio for a full day of work on those points, tempted by the physical presence of Alper and the promise of a FRIDAYS AT 7 to celebrate our recent achievements. Speaking of Victory Boogie Woogie: we’re launching April 8. If you feel like joining in be sure to sign up at the pre-launch page.

In the spirit of kaizen we also pushed some small improvements to the running game of Code 4, which is in its second week and from what we hear players are going crazy with it (in a good way).

On Thursday we worked from Topika‘s studio at the Open Coop so that Alper could catch up with his colleagues at the Open State Foundation and I could catch up with Anne at EYE and Frank at Frog. Being at Open Coop is always a pleasure, if only because of the wonderful lunches served by Bite Me.

But the majority of our time was taken up by KAIGARA—although from reading this it might not appear that way. I had my project manager hat on for most of the time—doing planning, budget, getting Tim (our game designer) and Bastiaan (our graphic designer) up to speed. And for the remainder I focused on starting to detail the game’s interaction design. Meanwhile Alper assembled the required hosting environment and built and deployed a first very bare-bones version of the web app for technical review purposes. All of which has given us a good position from which to really push forward the coming weeks.

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