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Week 187

On Monday Kars presented the final HIRAME concept at the client. Aside from some minor tweaks needed on the branding front it was received well. We’re hoping this will turn into a full-on production project like KAIGARA next —at which point we’ll probably be able to reveal its client— but for now we’ll have to be patient. After that he stormed on to Amsterdam to attend the fifth This happened – Amsterdam.

Getting ready for This happened #5

The rest of the week was mostly taken up by game and interaction design sprints (Kars and Tim) for KAIGARA. The design is being finalized as we speak so we can speed off the development runway in a straight line. Also lots more project management and tech prep work (Kars and me) and going into art (Bastiaan) and writing (Niels).

You may have seen it but we’re dotting the is and crossing the ts for Your Daily Victory Boogie, which we developed with literary magazine De Gids (their write-up in Dutch).

Studio Papaver (who Kars advised) presented their work for the Studio for Unsolicited Architecture at the New Institute and they did great. They presented a solid analysis of population shrinkage, and their design for a collective intelligence game was backed up by testimonials from a successful playtest and gnarly graphic design by Amp. Meanwhile I attended the local Cocoaheads meetup to keep in touch with people doing solid iOS work in Berlin.

In other news: our friends over at Hide&Seek are doing a Kickstarter to develop their Tiny Games into an iPhone app. Kars will be designing a game for them, so you should definitely back it:

The weekend was also dotted with work.

I spent Saturday morning working at the Wooga offices after helping out with the local Rails Girls. Most of the morning I investigated openFrameworks’ potential as a game engine for iOS after hearing that Ridiculous Fishing was written in it.

But there was also time to play board games:

Getting slaughtered at Cuba by @liekedev

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