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Week 192

Last week was the last week we had to finish the Ripple Effect pilot. As I write this, the game’s been running for little over a day and has just under two weeks left before ending.

So we managed to get it out the door. The process consisted of an accelerated playthrough with the team early in the week. We made a list of final issues and subsequently fixed those. Then we deployed the game and did a trial run of initializing it. We had our contacts at the client end play through it, getting another list of issues as a result. Wefixing those as well and finally initialized the game for real. Invites were sent out to the 90+ pilot players. On Sunday just after midnight I was babysitting the game as it rolled over to liveness and I witnessed the first player actions coming in from across the globe.

Flipped the switch on the Ripple Effect pilot. 90+ players putting our game through the motions for two weeks. #kaigara

The fact that we pulled this off at such a tight schedule with what is by all measures a great result is a testament to the wonderful team working on this, as well as the folks at the client end who are amazingly swift at making decisions and responding to our questions.

While I was being a dull boy this week, forgoing distractions as much as possible, Alper did manage to squeeze in some extracuricular activities, as is his peripatetic nature. He played games—amongst them the awesome Samurai Gunn—at the local multiplayer game picnic hosted by A MAZE. He also participated in the gamification workshop at CHI organized by friend of the studio Sebastian Deterding. Alper tells me he’ll blog a bit about both experiences, either here or elsewhere—probably in a Recess!.

Our session room in designing gamification looks like a birthday party exploded there. Brilliant!

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