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Week 195

Last week we were busy evaluating KAIGARA post-pilot information and sketching out a course to develop the final game. We received tons of player input, client input and we came up with a bunch of ideas of our own to improve the game. We’re right now busy agreeing on a coherent plan from that set that best accomplishes all of the goals for the game. The KAIGARA team got reinforced with the production skills of Dylan Nagel. Dylan got off to a solid start by schooling Kars on SCRUM best practices.

Victory Boogie Woogie development is reaching its apex and the game and story are hurtling towards their inevitable conclusion. Lots of interesting stuff to read there and still not too late to jump in and write.

Besides doing our in-house production work, we have a parallel pipeline of consulting. FURAPPA has just wrapped up and we’re busy ramping up the following engagements (with startups and in Dutch broadcasting). Consulting is refreshingly different from what we normally do. We don’t have the luxury to be present at all stages of development, but that also gives us the freedom and creative license to focus solely on the concept and deliver interestingness. And if need be we can always back up these concepts with game design, prototypes and full development.

I settled in over at KANT Berlin and got myself a nice little desk on wheels:

Upgraded to a small-ish roller desk

Kars was also present at What Design Can Do last week to participate in a closed session on social design. The session was taped and will be published (quickly, I hope).

Our Utrecht studio resident Sander van der Vegte launched his traffic systems generator Cty last week as well. Very nice and procedural generation of landscapes in Unity seems to be a thing at the moment (see also this write-up about Sir, You Are Being Hunted).

Another launch last week which we attended was Reus a beautiful game about a giant:

At the Reus launch

And that’s that. Back to development.

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