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Week 196

Last week, Alper spent time leading development on Victory Boogie Woogie and Ripple Effect while I lead the design.

For the former, we worked on the final update which should considerably improve the homepage. It’s always a challenge to design ahead of actual content. Now that the game has been running for some time we have much more material to work from.

For the latter, we’ve been processing the pilot’s results and wrapping up things for further development later on. One of the things I particularly enjoyed doing was to make a quick video for our client demoing a new physical prototype created by Tim, which demonstrates solutions to some of the issues encountered during the pilot.

Alper published a Recess! on the nihilism inherent in game design—recommended reading.

I also facilitated a workshop at a Dutch broadcaster together with Jeroen van Mastrigt of We Love Your Work. The workshop focused on adapting a game concept—which takes as its input clips from TV—to a new show. In the process we introduced some new mechanics that were thematically appropriate to the show’s content. It was a very focused, very productive workshop with immediately actionable items as the outcome.

In between all this there was also time for cake with our friends at Game Oven to celebrate the launch of their latest game Bam Fu, which you should totally go out and play.

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