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Week 198

Last week was a slow one but I’m getting things in order for when Kars gets back. Rounding up a bunch of stuff and closing new consulting work that we will be working on over the summer.

I also discussed my participation on a quantified self track at MLOVE where I’ll be talking about the ethics and possibilities of measuring yourself. As far as I am concerned the quantified self movement contains within it many of the same possibilities and also many of the same problems that gamification struggles with.

I went to the local DIYbio group at the Raumfahrtagentur to explore the possibilities of biotechnology and game design. The various spaces in that part of Wedding are very nice even if only to relax at, but the group already has a fairly outfitted laboratory which is continuously being expanded:


(your daily) Victory Boogie Woogie is in its last week right now, so get those pieces in while you still can.

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