Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 199–200

These notes cover the past two weeks. Week 199 covered the tail end of my honeymoon on Bali. Spending time on the island was a pleasure as always. (I’ve lost count, but I think this was my sixth visit.) My absence combined with a temporary lull in client work gave Alper the opportunity to relax a little and spend some time on side projects, such as Cuppings.

I returned to work in week 200, but was a bit handicapped by a rather persistent flu. Nonetheless, I got some work done. To start, I caught up with Alper on current affairs and trawled through an email backlog of two weeks.

Then, I started work on the redesign of Beestenbende. Revisiting old design problems that confounded us when we last worked on them almost a year ago, I suddenly found some new solutions that now look so obvious. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

I played Alper’s personal slide designer, tweaking the deck of his MLOVE talk on the social issues involved with the quantified self movement.

And I finished the week designing my tiny game for Hide&Seek’s wonderful upcoming app. You’d think with Victory Boogie Woogie at an end I would have had enough of collaborative storytelling games, but I came up with another one. In this case it’s for two players and requires an old fashioned paper novel as a play aid. I had fun playtesting it over the weekend so we’re on the right track.

Alper tells me he started the week doing a bit of work on Victory Boogie Woogie (moving the site into its post-game stage).

He also prepped his MLOVE talk, as mentioned earlier, and delivered it on Thursday. It was titled “The Quantified Good Life”. I believe things went well, in particular the Q&A afterwards alongside fellow Dutchmen Yuri van Geest and Maarten den Braber. The drive back from the event’s venue, a castle outside of Berlin, took Alper 10 hours, due to terrible weather and resulting traffic. I’m glad he made it back in one piece.

The rest of the week was mainly taken up by SAME, a consultancy gig for our second German client (an automobile manufacturer) for which we’ve partnered up with studio friend Sebastian Deterding. The first workshop for this is due to take place this week. Alper will be on site together with Sebastian (it’s a German language affair) I’ll be standby in Utrecht.

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